How to Pick Mushrooms Safely

How to Pick Mushrooms Safely

Most mushroom species are edible and benefit your health to a certain extent. Some like magic mushrooms contain several ingredients that make them beneficial for medical use. You can buy magic mushrooms australia for medicinal and recreational use.

mushroom collectionGrowing mushrooms on your own is not that difficult. Most people usually experience challenges when it comes to picking them. With the collection of mushrooms, you have to be very careful, especially if you do not have experience since doing it in the wrong way can cause negative consequences on the environment, in addition to the fact that you take home some poisonous ones and you may have serious problems with their consumption.

Keys to Picking Mushrooms Safely

Location by Species

Depending on the speciesedible mushrooms to which they belong, mushrooms can be collected in different places. For example, the boletus edulis, one of the best known and most common, usually occurs in pine, beech, and oak forests, although the boletus Pinicola variety is only found in pine forests.

Steps to Pick Mushrooms Safely

  1. First of all, you must never pick mushrooms in areas that are close to roads, factories, industries, or garbage dumps, as they are very likely to contain toxic elements.
  2. To collect mushrooms there are two techniques, which are by hand or with a knife.
  3. If you are going to collect by hand, to take each one you must hold it by the stem and rotate it 360ยบ to be able to pull it off, never remove it at once