Dietary Sources of Probiotics

Dietary Sources of Probiotics

 The health benefits associated with probiotics are vast. Besides improve your gut balance, probiotics also play a vital role in improving various aspects of your well-being, including metabolism, mental health, and mood. It is also worth noting that the skin can also benefit from probiotic supplements. Supplementation is critical as far as using probiotics is concerned. But you can also explore other probiotic sources to improve your gut health. Here are some top probiotics sources recommended by dietary experts.


probiotic yoghurt

Yogurts are probably one of the most widely used probiotic supplements. These foods are a potent source of live bacterial strains that work well with the natural flora. It is worth noting that not every yogurt brand qualifies to be used as a probiotic. Before you start shopping for probiotic yogurt, ensure that you purchase natural yogurt without added sugars.


Kefir bears close similarities to yogurt, largely because it is also a cultured dairy product. The main difference between Kefir and yogurt is the type of bacterial strains. In addition, these two probiotic sources have standout differences with regard to texture and flavor. In contrast, yogurts are known to be thick and creamy, Kefir lighter. As far as potency is concerned, Kefir offers a relatively higher number of bacterial strains, thus offering more benefits to your digestive system.


Kimchi is a traditional Korean made from fermented vegetables that have been flavored with ginger, chili, and other ancient spices. One of the main reasons this dish is a great